Interview with Father Sylvere MUNYANGABIRE

The Episcopal Catholic Youth Commission discussed with Father Sylvere  MUNYANGABIRE,  Kiziguro parish youth chaplain, who organized this forum, and told us in brief:

1. What was the principal idea behind this forum?

The idea of this forum sprung from the each 3 months seminar that priests host at a local Parish, with the aim of pastoral. We thought of closing this pastoral year by doing a forum in different Christian categories found in our pastoral zone, and kiziguro Parish was chosen to organize the youth forum. The theme of the forum is:So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-that you, being rooted and grounded in love (Ep 3: 17).

2. What are the Goals of the forum:

- Celebrating the end of pastoral year 2014-2015 with a youth meeting

- Pastoral evaluation in the youth commission

- Encouraging the youth about both Christian and good citizenship values

- To pray, developing friendship among youth and the families who host them.

- Improve self financial situation through small business projects

- Civic and political education.

3. Life at Kiziguro forum:

- They youth are host in families that live near the Parish, whether Catholics or not catholic.

- Those families feed them in the evening, in the afternoon they eat together at the Parish.

- They are given various conferences including religious conferences, social life, youth development and conferences that are host by authorities from different administration sector

- Charity work and voluntary work for the infrastructures.


Youth Chaplain of Kiziguro Parish


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